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About M Wright Vintage


When I was a 10 year old in the early 80’s, my family took on the task of renovating a unique 1760 Georgian home along Main Street in Woodbury, CT.    I learned a great deal about construction, architecture and history.  During this work I found all sorts of fun things like coins, intact glass bottles, utensils, pottery and clay pipes.   

Woodbury had 50 antique stores along Main Street (Rte 6) and many of the dealers  would share their knowledge.  I also went to the famous Woodbury Flea market on the weekends, finding coin silver spoons, antique marbles, arrow heads and Canton China.  This was a search and find mission which had a lasting impression on me.   The past 20 years I sold my items in Stormville, NY.,  Hertans and J&J in Brimfield, MA.       

Today,  MWrightVintage is one of the 40 dealers in Fairfield County Antique and Design Center.  We’re a destination for interior designers, architects, TV and movie set designers as well as everyday collectors. 

Open to the general public with No delays and no waiting.  Come and shop today! 

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39 Knight Street, Norwalk, CT 06851