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Vintage Japanese cast iron lanterns


Vintage Japanese cast iron lanterns

Fabulous garden lanterns are here.

Vintage Japanese cast iron lanterns will add whimsy to your garden.   Japan is known for creating these charming hanging cast iron lanterns for pathways and gardens.  Made during the reign of Emperor Hirohito also known as the Showa era (1926-1989).   Roosters, Hens and snails represent good health, moral standing and wealth.  There is a piece on the bottom that unscrews so you can add a small candle or LED.  There is a ring at the top so you can also hang them.  It will be a fun conversation piece to enjoy for years to come.  Come by the shop to purchase and take home today.   The Roosters range in size from 9″l x 5″w x 9.5/10″h.  The Red painted snails are 11″l x 5″w x 6″h.

ONE weathered Rooster available.

2 Red snails available

3 owls available

Price $225.00 each.

Vintage cast iron owl are vintage and unknown origin.  These were purchased with the lanterns because there cool.  Size and price of the white owl is 3.5″d x 8″h, $65.  The 2 green owls are 3.5″d x 9.5″h, $75.00 each.