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Vintage art Copper covered clam shells


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Vintage art Copper covered clam shells

These Clam shells were collected from the beaches off Bridgeport, CT.  Each clam shell was Copper covered on the outside by metal polisher and artist Mr.  Albert Kassery (1900-2010) from Bridgeport.  These clam shells are beautiful and so unique.  The copper has a rich glowing patina and each ridge of the natural shell is enhanced by the gleaming Copper.  (10) shells total.  (3) larger sizes 5″w x 3.75″/4.5″h,  (7) medium 3.5″w x 3.5″/3.75″h.  2 of the larger clams shells once fit together as a box.   The hinge workings are no longer attached but still in place on one of the shells.   I left as is and I didn’t glue the hinge or weld it back.   This is a Final Sale/ Sold as is.  Please read Shop info.   Shipping included.