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70’s vintage graphic’s painting on canvas. Perfect for mid century modern or vintage home decor wall decor

Graphic, bold and cool!  I purchased this psychedelic graphic 36″ by 36″ painting from eccentric lady named Marggie at a tag sale in upstate NY.  She said the painting was an art project when she went to Vassar in the mid 70’s.  She didn’t sign it because it would ruin the trip effect it had.   The painting was designed to be hung any side you wanted.   The graphics are sharp with few mistakes.  The colors make this painting a statement on any wall in your home vintage home.  The painting is in fair condition.  The frame is warped and bends a little and some dirt spots that need need to be cleaned.  I bought as is and left in that condition.

Vintage art for $95.00

Available in my booth at Fairfield County Antique and Design Center on the Westport, Norwalk, CT line.  Call 203-826-8575.

Graphic painting 1



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