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About M Wright Vintage


Back in the early 80’s my parents under took a renovation project on Main Street in Woodbury, CT.  The house was a 1760 run down heap and as a 10 year old I thought it was haunted.  My parents hired Henry Booth a restoration specialist from Roxbury, CT.  He was in his late 70’s.  I remember him being very slow and methodical.  He showed my father and I how the home was constructed.  It was not long I was tasked with many odd jobs and learning about historic homes.  

It’s in the blood.  My family has very deep roots in New England and Virginia so it was special learning we were restoring one of our ancestors homes.  Growing up in Woodbury was a history lesson with their strict Historic board,  Antique Dealers Association and the infamous week end Flea market.

During the past 30 years I have been buying and selling my items in Stormville, New York and Brimfield, MA. Today 2024,  MWrightVintage has a shop at Fairfield County Antique and Design.

Selling antiques and vintage is a great way to be Eco conscious.  When you unearth a treasure your also creating an Eco chic interior. COME SHOP TODAY for a unique shopping experience.  I’m not alone either!  We’re part of a community of 40++ dealers in a 13,000 square foot building.   Located in Norwalk, CT.  

NOTE:  My family moved out of the house in 1996.  


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***Pay Pal is not linked on website.  If you want to purchase an item it must be purchased and picked up at the store.  

39 Knight Street, Norwalk, CT 06851