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Advice and tips shopping at Brimfield Antique Market. Market opening September 6-11, 2016

Welcome to Brimfield marketplace

Plan to sit in some traffic along route 20 and be polite to your fellow drivers.  Drive slow and watch out for people walking  out in the middle of traffic.  They have the right of way.  Parking attendants will wave a flag if they have room.  Parking fees range from $4.00 up to $10.00.  The further away from the action the cheaper the parking I find.

Brimfield has many different shows and fields which open at different times and days.  Be aware you may have to pay an entrance fee of $5 to $10 depending on the day or field.  Bring a couple of big bags and some wrapping paper on your own too.  I like the big Ikea blue tarp bags and a couple canvas totes.  I see a lot of people pushing or pulling carts around.  Make sure the wheels are big and hefty because of the varying walk ways.

Leave your newborn babies and pets at home.  It gets hot out wondering the fields so wear sun screen, hats and sunglasses.  If it rains wear water proof boots and some rain gear.  No matter what the weather make sure your foot wear is good.  You will be amazed how much you walk around.   If nature calls, there are port a potties through out various fields.  Some have attendants and some don’t.  I always take a small package of moist toilets and a small bottle of liquid sanitizer.

Wheeling and dealing with dealers.  Dealers will negotiate but don’t be insulting.  For example you see a dining table and chairs for $1200.00 don’t offer $600.00.  Ask if the dealer is willing to do better on the price.  If he or she says yes then great.   Dealers are there to make some money and have bills to pay to.   I find many of the dealers like cash but some may have the credit card swipe on their phones.   ATM machines are available all over but be prepared for fees and limit amounts per transaction.  ($600.00, break down to $12.00 in fees, 3 transactions of $200.00).

If your purchasing many items and need to make several trips to your car you will get tired.  Make it easier and hire a porter.  They roam around and charge a fee and usually have cell phone.  If your car or truck is overloaded you can pay a delivery service.   You will also find information booths at each field and dealers are also helpful.   Shopping all day can work up an appetite.  You will find food vendors more in the center of the action.  My favorite is lemonade, ice cream, Kettle popcorn, grilled chicken wrap, mac and cheese, beer and lots or water.   You will find variety.  Don’t be shy about sitting with strangers at the picnic tables.  Lodging will be and issue if your planning to sleep over so do your homework.    Have fun.

www.Brimfieldshow.org  or search Brimfield, Ma antique market September 2016

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