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Antique Copper metal Handmade Apple Butter pot

Handmade Antique Copper Apple Butter Pot

This pot has a with rolled rim, dovetailed bottom and heavy wrought iron.  Perfect for storing firewood, blankets, and pillows.  This 200 year old Copper cauldron is from a farm in South Woodstock, Vermont.  The farm is still in the same family since the early 1700’s.  This pot is the perfect accent in your Farmhouse or Country Decor and design.  Why not use this beautiful pot in your mid century or ultra modern decor as well!

These can be used in the garden as a water feature,  a planter or for ice to keep drinks cold.    I like using these large copper pots during the fall with Mums and small Alpine trees for Christmas.  I have seen some of these converted as light fixtures too.  The decorative appeal of this copper pot is endless.  See below for a few design ideas for this Antique Copper pot. The size of this treasure is 25″ D by 16″h, on sale for $895.00 in my booth MLW.

LG. Antique Apple Butter Pot



Wrought Iron Handle detail


Rolled Copper rim detail


Looking into the pot, Dovetailed detail



DESIGN IDEAS FOR ANTIQUE COPPER POTS.  Antiques are GREEN and can fit in any decor.

Copper pots used for firewood.  This makes the room very cozy.  Also notice the mix use of copper and brass tools.  Mixing metals adds interest to any home decor These photo’s are pulled from www.Pinterest.com and www.EBTH.com auction.

Image result for copper cauldrons in modern setting

flowering plants with copper “beautiful.” from Pinterest

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Copper pots with Herbs, from Pinterest

Large and Small Riveted Copper Cauldrons in Natural Finish by Bronzino:

Use for icing drinks during July 4th party or any party, from Pinterest


Applebutter making in New England at the end of October, from Pinterest

Copper kettles at the Apple Butter Festival - Century Village, Burton, OH:

Copper cauldron converted into a water fountain in a sunken garden, from Pinterest

I like everything, except the cauldron/pot. Sunken garden with flower display areas and showcase fountain:

Tulips in a old verdigris patina, from Pinterest

Image result for Design ideas for large copper pots

Antique Copper pot converted as a light fixture,  from Pinterest

Image result for copper cauldron light fixture




This Antique copper cauldron keeps a check on your extra blankets and pillows.

image is from www.EBTH.com auction.  This is a great source for items.

Cauldron and Blankets

2 Cauldrons converted into a BAR.  Clever design in a Modern setting.

Image result for Modern home design with Copper


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