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Large Rare Antique wood bowl

This large harvest maple wood bowl is from the early 1800’s.  This bowl was turned by lathe (see last photo) and has been heavily used.  You can see the scratch marks from kitchen utensils (see all photos).  This bowl was treasured because it has old repairs,  deep scratches and dings along the edges.  There are no shrink splits in the wood.  There is evidence this bowl was once on a tripod attached stand.  Condition: very good.  This bowl was made in Brewster, MASS., according to the dealer I purchased the bowl from.  This RARE large bowl is 24″w  * 9″h,  Inventory #A264, priced $695.00.  Booth MLW in Fairfield County Antique & Design Center.  ……………This item is SOLD thank you

wood bowl 7

wood bowl 5

wood bowl 4

wood bowl 1

wood bowl 3