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Vintage floral frogs for flower arrangements

A collection of vintage glass, metal and ceramic floral frogs for flower arrangements.   These dependable frogs will hold your arrangements in place while creating the perfect center piece in your entry hallway or dining room table.  They even look cool stacked up as a vintage collection.  Prices vary between $8 and $24.00


3 Glass vintage frogs 5″d by .50″h, on sale $8.00 each

Frog 3

Green Ceramic Floral Frog, 4.5″d by 2.25″h, on sale $24.00

Floral glass 3.5″d by 2.25″h, on sale $12.00

Green metal frog 4.25″d by 1″h…………….SOLD

Frog 2


These vintage glass frogs are 4″d by 1.5″h, on sale $10.00 each.

Frog 1

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