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Vintage Industrial Oak storage box

9 Drawer Vintage Oak card storage box

Vintage Oak Industrial storage cabinet can keep all the things that get lost in your utility kitchen drawer.  You will be able to find your flashlight and batteries now.  No longer will you loose your phone charger or the back charger.  This cabinet was functional about 100 years ago and still offers many uses.  It’s nice to have a piece that has vintage age  and functions as the perfect organizer.  If your into crafts, a hobbyist or scrap keeping you need storage.

I like this unit because it sits on the floor.  You can stack other boxes, a TV or an aquarium on the surface.   This may not store index cards anymore, but it still offers versatility and storage for lots of things.   The piece is solid Oak with three components that stack on top of each other, making it so much easier to move.  The cabinet size is 33″w by 17.5″d by 20.25″h on sale $295.00.

The handles are original with a beautiful soft copper patina.  The handles alone are worth $300 bucks.   This item can also rest on top of another piece.




Top view


Back view, you can see the 3 seams.


Dovetail detail




This is so much fun storage storage and design

Eva Lee’s Country Accents Antiques and this impressive general store storage unit of solid Oak.:

Cabinets that been incorporated into a kitchen and book cases.  The cabinets feel at home in a transitional modern kitchen and a primitive rustic farmhouse.  The cabinets can fit in any decor.

Look We Love: Vintage Details in the Kitchen | Apartment Therapyapothecary--just-the-usual-selection-mike-savad.jpg 634×900 pixels

Stacking different looks great.

Would love to find some card index drawers Iike these - great storage for little things!:

Mixing it up brilliant.  I thinking stacking different units and unifying must of taken awhile but look at these results.  This is a unique piece of furniture.

Modular Stacking Cabinet:

Another stacking creation.  The visual is rustic, Modern and Industrial.

The ultimate storage for tiny things by painting some and stacking old library card catalog drawers, one on top of the other, to make an awesome and functional "furniture piece".:

Clever use of this wonderful cabinet.

A subversive use for a vintage card catalogue as wine bottle storage. Love this upcycling idea!:

A vintage cabinet used as a vanity in a bathroom.  www.pinterest.com

Vintage inspired pharmacy, card catalog, and dental cabinets make great options for storage.

Card boxes with wheels added.

card catalogue, I love this idea. Just need to find one on the cheap :):

NOW YOUR TALKING.  This has been used for storage in a bathroom.  The sink is on top the rest is all storage.  This is so creative and out of the box.  I can visualize seeing the cabinet I have offered for sale used in this purpose.  Thank you PINTEREST.

Subway tile and a vintage sink area.:










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