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Vintage wood oak storage boxes for hobbyist, crafts, supplies, Organizer

Vintage wood oak storage boxes for hobbyist, crafts, supplies, Organizer

Vintage Oak storage boxes has 6 drawers and were used to store index card.   I acquired 4 of them from an estate sale in New Haven, CT.  The boxes came from a professor that taught, at Yale School of Medicine.  A grandson said they were in his office when he retired in the late 90’s and ended up in his basement.  These cabinets have the usual use of wear and scratches.  The stain varies in color from Mahogany to golden Oak with sun fading.   They look great stacked as shown, and will make the perfect focal point.

****A great DIY project is to paint them white for a crisp look or another trend color for 2017-2018.

If you have lots of small items use these Vintage storage boxes. You can store anything in them: Note cards, socks, batteries, pencils, hanging wire, small nails, hammers, pliers,  light bulbs, keys, envelopes, paint brushes, recipe cards, phone chargers, scrap book supplies, coupons, screws, bolts, electric tape, glue, masking tape, plastic bags.  The list is endless.

Each box measures 20.5″W BY 16.5″D BY 21.5″H, on sale for $225.00 each.

Grouped together make a Vintage focal point.   These boxes are Functional and Utilitarian.   Fit them into your busy life style, your decor will thank you.






DESIGN IDEAS FOR FOR Vintage Storage Cabinets  from Pinterest

Focal point well taken.  These units once in offices and libraries still have a life.  I will always encourage buying antiques because its Green, functional, useful, better made and visually pleasing.

Vintage card catalog. I would give almost anything to have one for my home!:

Simple and elegantly placed.  It needs absolutely nothing added.  This piece anchors any room anywhere and everywhere.

Antique card catalog... a inexpensive version would be an incredible addition to my office!

Color and form work perfectly in in this child’s room.  There is all sorts of treasurers squirreled away making mom happy it’s not all over the room.

De Paris, Emma et son mari ont emporté un style de vie. Leur “town house” d’une petite rue de New York ouvre sur un joli jardin et offre une belle terrasse sur le toit qui surplombe la ville.

A simple display with jarred Christmas decorations on top of a wonderful storage box cabinet.

Wonderful--the glass jars with vintage Christmas ornaments, and the awesome chest.:

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